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30 Years of Residential and Commercial construction.


-Patios start at $16 per Sq-ft.  Below is a basic patio, 4x4 posts, 4x6 beam, 2x6 rafters, OSB sheathing and rolled roofing. 

     We do everything from the basic to dreams ask to speak with Jeremiah to design something custom.

     Popular extras are:

          Footings at $75/ea, $100/ea to under-dig a slab, or $200/ea to cut through a cement slab

          Wrap out a post for stucco $100/ea.

          Sheeting upgrades:  $2.50 per sq ft.  for T-111 This is only a difference  in materials.  Ply-wood is $1.25 per sq ft.  

          Bigger posts or beams are a material cost difference.    

 The patio below with all the upgrades you can get came out to$25/sqft.








-Sheds start at $25 per Sq-ft. with a basic 10'x12' shed being ~$2600.  We guarantee that our prices always beat Tough Shed, are built to their standards or better and the unlike Tough Shed we build each uniquely the way you want it, where you want it.  Tough shed or Home depot can't do what we did on the left.   



 Sheds come with a water tight steel door and dead bolt but, any door can be installed for the cost of the door.                           


                    Our sheds come with one window and extras are $50/ea plus the cost of the window.

                    Shelves are $5/ft    

-Gazebo's Start at $28 per Sq-ft.  No one does a Gazebo as well as we do.   

-Ramadas with flat lattice shade roofing start at $16 per Sq-ft.  No one can match our quality in Ramadas. 

-Decks start at $16 per Sq-ft.  The deck is made from Doug-fir other materials will be extra proportional to the cost of the material change.  Not only are these prices unbeatable we have a designer that will help you design the deck you have been dreaming of.

Extra's could include Railing at $15/ft

                                    Benches starting at $100

                                    planters starting at $50

Every job and need is unique, call or Email us to set up a free bid.   

All work completed by me is covered by a one year complete warranty.

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